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Since 2006 Sexmagnet has been instrumental in offering its members and browsers from across Southern Africa (and even globally) a wide selection of adult orientated services. We created a beautiful, elegant and highly sophisticated platform for models, who offer adult based services, to advertise their services and profiles to as many members and browsers looking to find the right service.


Sexmagnet’s main goal is to create the most user-friendly and beautiful platform for both browsers and members seeking to find adult based services.
Besides providing browsers and our members a great online experience we also strive to create the very best profiles for the various models who appear on our site.


Our core mission at Sexmagnet is to provide our members and browsers the very best online experience and chance to find exactly what they are searching for by uploading as many model profiles and adult orientated services as possible.


Quality… without a doubt is Sexmagnet’s prime objective. The team behind Sexmagnet has extremely high quality standards when it comes to building and maintaining our platform. We encourage all our models to do photo shoots with our qualified and highly talented photographers to get the very best photographs and images of themselves.



Note to users, members and browsers

Please note that Sexmagnet in its own capacity does not offer any adult services. We are but an online platform for models and businesses offering adult orientated services to the public. Please keep this in mind when contacting the various models on the site. Sexmagnet cannot and will not be held responsible for any business dealings that happen between you and the various models featured on our site or any of our affiliated sites as well.